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Spray Varnishes and Fixatives

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Krylon Aerosol Spray features a high solid formula that quickly builds a bright, clear coating, giving the illusion of depth. One layer equals about three layers of many other clear products. The triple thick clear glaze's special flexible formula won't crack and can be used on many types of materials. When sprayed on plaster, it creates a kiln-fired look. You can also use it for many other applications. It dries in just a few minutes so you can finish your pieces quickly. 
Triple Thick Clear Glaze Aerosol Spray 12 oz: 

  • Krylon clear glaze adheres to most construction and craft materials
  • 12 oz of product per bottle
  • Glossy formula creates a shiny, "wet" look
  • Sheen also makes your pieces more resistant to moisture
  • No need to fire pottery pieces covered in this glaze