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Gel Pens

  • Pentel Slicci Gel Pens (0.25mm)
    0.25mm tip - water based ink - colours are approximate

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Reds Blacks Greens Blues Oranges Violets Pinks

  • Red
  • $3.99


These pens are very slim and lightweight, so light it barely feels like you're holding anything at all which is ideal for people who colour over extended periods of time. The pens feature a very precise nib, finger grip and a clear barrel so you can check how much ink is left. The caps are branded with the Slicci name and also tell you the pen's nib size so you can pick them out at a glance. 

The ink is very fast drying which is great for those colourists who have problems with smudges on their work, and they flow really smoothly on the paper without clogging or skipping areas. Surprisingly for a pen with such a thin, sharp tip, they don't feel scratchy or leave indents in the paper at all.