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Block Printing

  • Speedball Akua Intaglio Ink 8oz (individual)
    8oz jars - Colours are approximate.

Select the colour you need to display the selection of shades.

Reds Blacks Greens Blues Browns Metallics Yellows Oranges Violets Whites

  • Quinacridone Magenta S4
  • $27.53
  • Cadmium Red Medium Hue S4
  • $27.53
  • Crimson Red S4
  • $27.53
  • Red Oxide S3
  • $23.75
  • Scarlet Red S4
  • $27.53


Water-based Ink for Intaglio & Relief

Akua Intaglio is a printmaker’s dream come true. They will not dry on the printing plate.  Originally formulated for intaglio printmaking, this ink can also be applied with a brayer for relief printmaking, monotype, and collagraphs; and it will print from any plastic, wood, linoleum or metal plate. They contain no driers, offering a long working time for monotype or wiping the plate.

  • Made with Soy and Light fast Pigments

  • Clean up with soap and water

  • Permanent

  • Never Skins or Hardens in the Jar

  • Easy to Use