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Sculpture and Modeling Tools

  • Sculpey Flexible Push Mold - Fairy
    Works with all clay, plaster, craft soap and candle wax.
  • Price : $7.99   was $10.99
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We do the detailed sculpting for you with these highly detailed doll molds!  Use these molds to create professionally sculpted, highly detailed dolls in just minutes.  

  • The Fairy mold includes: torso, arms, legs, ears and a head. 
  • We have included a detailed instruction sheet that walks you step by step through creating a highly detailed fairy doll
  • Simply mold, flex and release!
  • Can be used with oven-bake, air dry and non-drying clays 
  • Easy Use Tips
    • Lightly dust cold with Corn Starch, tap out excess and fill with clay  OR 
    • Place clay filled mold in freezer for 90 seconds. 'Pop' your creations out of the mold like an ice cube