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Watercolour Paper - Sheets

  • WN Watercolour Sheets cold press 300lb 22x30 (individual)
    cold press - 100% Cotton - 300lb - 22x30(out of stock)
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Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolor Paper is one of the finest and best performing watercolor papers, made from 100% cotton. Cotton's fibers are longer, stronger, and naturally absorbent, making them ideal for watercolor paper production. This watercolor paper will not warp or cockle even when saturated with large volumes of water, allowing multiple layers of paint to be applied to create more depth. The Winsor & Newton Professional Paper can withstand the roughest of editing techniques, and colors remain brilliant and intense even when dry.

Rough - Rough paper has a pronounced, varied texture for achieving watercolors with a free, loose feel. The heavy texture makes it feel closest to a handmade paper.