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Acrylic Mediums

  • Demco Acrylic Pouring Medium
    4oz, 8oz and 1L

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DEMCO EnCouleurs Pouring Medium is permanent and waterproof when dry. Mixed with fluid acrylic colours or drawing inks, it provides an homogeneous and smooth coloured film. The pouring medium gives a glossy relief to a flat surface and creates a water drop effect when applied sparingly. It will retain a high gloss and a wet appearance when dry. It can be used directly from the bottle without adding any colour for a thick varnish effect. Th emedium is milky in the bottle but will dry clear and glossy once dry.

Instuctions: Mix a few drops of fluid acrylic colour or drawing ink into one cup of pouring medium. Gently mix the colour to the medium with a wooden stick and let stand for ten minutes in order to remove air bubbles. Make sur to work on a leveled table to prevent uneven results. The pouring medium can be poured directly onto canvas, wood panels, liquid art panels etc., and let dry at least 24 hours in a dust-free environment.