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Spray Paints

  • Belton Molotow Premium Spray Paint
    400ml - Colours are approximate.

Select the colour you need to display the selection of shades.

Greens Browns Metallics Yellows Whites Pinks Grays

  • Leaf Green
  • $6.49
  • Moss Green
  • $6.49
  • Evil Olive
  • $6.49
  • Cliff Green
  • $6.49
  • Seak Future Green
  • $6.49


Molotow Premium is the no dust, anti-drip, all season, coversall spray paint that guarantees incredible UV resistance and astonishing opacity and vibrancy. It is the earliest low pressure can to incorporate a variable pressure control valve and has continued to offer the widest color selection on the market. MOLOTOW PREMIUM revolutionized the aerosol technology and is to this day one of the most reliable spray cans on the market. Highest opacity, luminance, lasting permanency and worldwide unrivaled reliability are the main features that make MOLOTOW PREMIUM so unique.