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M. Graham and Co. Artists' Oil Paint

  • M. Graham and Co. Artist Oil 37ml (individual)
    Oil Paint in 37ml tubes (solvent free) - Colours are approximate.

Select the colour you need to display the selection of shades.

Reds Blacks Greens Blues Browns Yellows Oranges Turquoise Violets

  • Alizarin Crimson S2
  • $10.25
  • Anthroquinone Red S5
  • $14.75
  • Cadmium Red Deep S6
  • $21.75
  • Cadmium Red Light S6
  • $21.75
  • Cadmium Red S6
  • $21.75
  • Naphthol Red S3
  • $10.45
  • Quinacridone Red S4
  • $12.25
  • Quinacridone Rose S4
  • $12.25
  • Transparent Red Oxide S3
  • $10.45


OIL COLOR made with walnut oil has been preferred by artists for centuries.  It provides rich, vibrant color that is naturally more alive and brilliant. Free flowing and slower drying, our oil color enables delicate passages of finely blended color that will retain its brilliance over time.

These colours are approximate.  For accuracy please refer to the actual product.