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Decor Paint Mediums

  • Pebeo Vitrail Self-Adhesive Lead Strip
    33ft (10m)
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Ideal for use with Pebeo Vitrail Paint, Pebeo Self-Adhesive Lead Strip lets you simulate the look of stained glass quickly and easily.

Apply this material to smooth, degreased surfaces including glass, Plexiglas, metal, and ceramic. It comes in a 6 mm wide strip that can be separated into two pieces. After forming the shapes and patterns you desire, just apply pressure with the included tool to ensure proper adhesion.

Note:For decorative purposes only. This product is not oven or microwave safe. Creating stained glass effects is easy with Pebeo Self-Adhesive Lead Strip. It can be applied to smooth and degreased surfaces such as glass and Plexiglas.