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Van Gogh Pastels

  • Van Gogh Oil Pastels (individual)
    Colours are approximate.

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Reds Blacks Greens Blues Browns Metallics Yellows Oranges Violets Whites Grays

  • Vermillion
  • $2.45
  • Scarlet
  • $2.45
  • Carmine
  • $2.45
  • Deep Rose (Magenta)
  • $2.45


These oil pastels are perfect for older or more advanced students. They are intense in color and particularly soft and pleasant to use, not just on paper and board but also on wood or earthenware.

Talens includes many of the same single pigment colors found in professional brands, but at a more economcial price. Individual pastels are round with paper sleeves and measure 2-3/4" × 7/16" (70 mm × 11 mm).

Available in store only