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  • Pebeo Vitrea 160 45ml Bottle
    Colours are approximate.

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  • Indian Red
  • $5.80
  • Pepper Red
  • $5.80
  • Bengal Pink
  • $5.80
  • Crimson
  • $5.80
  • Pink
  • $5.80


Pebeo Vitrea 160 is part of a new generation of thermo-hardening, transparent, non-toxic, water-based paints specifically designed for use on glass. Vitrea 160 can be applied to glassware, vases, lamps, and even an entire window surface. The Vitrea 160 line includes frosted paints for an etched-glass look, and mediums that allow for reproduction of crackled, iridescent and frosted glass effects.

In contrast with Pebeo Porcelaine 150, the Vitrea 160 colors offer more of a blown glass or fused glass look. Colors are runnier than Porcelaine 150, and they mix easily. Whereas Porcelaine 150 colors are solid, even single colors of Vitrea 160 often seem to have many swirling colors inside. Porcelaine 150 and Vitrea 160 heat set at different temperatures and are not intermixable.