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Acrylic Mediums

  • TriArt Clear Modeling Paste
    TAM003_TriArt Clear Modeling Paste

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250ml TriArt Clear Modeling Paste
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 Modeling Paste Clear is a premium quality medium that can be used to create textured surfaces on a number of grounds. It is an ultra-thick medium that is best applied with spreading tools to create textures and heavy impasto. It may be applied on top of a dry layer of paint or mixed with acrylic colours prior to applying to a surface. Always test your products and methods prior to applying to a final work.

Milky and opaque when wet, it dries matte and has reduced clarity.
It may be mixed with Tri-Art acrylic colours   prior to applying or painted once dry.
Matte finish.   
This medium stays flexible even in thick applications. Subsequent layers of acrylic paint may be added on top of its surface.
 Made with 100% acrylic emulsion calcium carbonate and matting agent.